Market Research

Marketing research is essential in our practice for any services we provide. It is important to know your competitors and your market before producing any brand visuals.  We strive to create a strong, trendy image, portraying your business in the most authentic and distinctive way to address your direct audience.

Brand Strategy Building

Brand Strategy is a plan for a business to achieve it’s goals, using strong visuals that differentiates from competitors. We create a graphic design marketing plan, based on your monthly budget, to produce different communication ways to target directly your market, audience and customers.

Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity is a must for any respected business, it increases competitive advantage with a clear, strong and distinct image, that differentiates from the crowd and matters to customer. Brand Identity is not just a logo – it’s a combination of visuals, that conveys a message with emotional connection between you and your client.

Brand Audit

You have been in business for a while and your brand image had several incarnations? It’s time to re-evaluate the best look for your business and keep content message throughout all your marketing materials. We offer brand audit services to review your current business visuals and bring your image back to style.

We  Specialise in Visual Branding

For Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

We are entering a new age of revolutionary entrepreneurs, changing the world of corporate laws and have an opportunity to stand out and create something different – it’s a wonderful time to start up a new business. VO DESIGN can help you to enter the world of business in style and confidence, with premium quality visual branding. We create graphics, that are tailored to attract your target market and your ideal customer, resulting in increased sales and brand recognition. Whether you need logo, website, flyer or develop a product – we provide premium full branding  services with strategy building, marketing research, graphic design and photography and help you save on unnecessary expenses.
  • Entrepreneur Branding Package
    • Market Research
    • Brand Building Strategy
    • Logotype Design
    • Brand Guildelines
    • Business Card Design
    • Social Media Pages Set Up
  • Start Up Branding Package
    • Market Research
    • Brand Strategy Building
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Logotype Design
    • Website Set Up
    • Business Card Design
    • Brand Stationery
    • Social Media Pages Set Up
    • 6 Product Photography/ Stock Images
    • Flyer/Postcard Design
    • Services/Product Brochure


  • affordable price.
  • customers are able to work directly with the designer to achieve results,it makes the process faster and effective.
  • there is no restriction in geographical area for the services provided online, for the printing material it can be delivered only in australia, for photography – victoria area.
  • the advantage of production stages is time consuming, personal involvement and building relationship with the client.
  • key success in production is time and quality of design, delivering to the customer on time.


  • Contact us, download the Request for proposal and arrange the meeting.
  • Meeting for discussion of services ,request for proposal,explaining the working process, arranging dead lines,schedule.
  • Proposal preparation with the background research, progress in phases explaining and estimated costs.
  • Meeting for project confirmation agreement,price estimate,production schedule, signing the Proposal and arranging the payment.
  • After receiving the first payment, We will begin our design and development process by thoroughly studying your provided materials, documenting and reflecting upon meetings, and performing additional research as needed. Both electronic and traditional mock-ups, sketches and/or models will be produced, keeping both the creative ideas of our team and those of your own close to the core of our development process.
  • Approving the final job by the client, Final Invoice sent, payment arrangement.
  • Confirmation of receiving service, filling the Customer Satisfaction form.


 VODESIGN is a creative design studio that provides high quality graphic, website design and photography services in Australia and worldwide. We are both an online and on-site company, meaning that we both design printed material and build for web, we provide photography services giving you the ability to serve all your requirements in one place, and therefor helping to maintain consistency of branding.VODESIGN targets small to medium sized businesses and organisations, and delivers the same quality of service and respect to all clients with affordable prices. We also strive to create a long-term partnership with our suppliers, customers and contractors. part of what makes vodesign unique is the range of services provided and original vision, that makes client stand out from the crowd.
Our goal is to build a strong reputation of vodesign identity on the market and expand business throughout the world.