The logo is for the brand “Naturalisformae” which can breaks into latin “Naturalis Formae” emphasis women’s natural beauty & strength (here the organic products bring their inner beauty out and strengthen the confidence); or it can be simply explained as “Natural is for me” which is much self-explanatory…
Products: organic, natural makeup products with a focus on lipsticks and lip balms.
Brand image: shall deliver a neat, simple, clean yet colourful identity that reflects naturally purified and socially active
Colour and font: letters are clear to identify, easy to read with contrast, memorable in design, can stimulate purchase desire
Target audience: 24-35 women, professional, healthy living advocate or on the fence of switching to
Target markets: Asia (China, HK, Singapore…), North America (Canada, U.S.)


Naturalis Formae


December 2015-2016


Brand Art Direction
Brand Identity Design
Brand Guideline
Logotype Design
Brand Visuals
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